We continue testing our game! Update 1.2.9. Article

STAY ALIVE 2018-06-19 1053

We are glad to see you again on our blog! We continue to improve our game, its testing continues. It's nice to see active players and the growth number of our testers. More than 500 people have already registered! We very pleased that you like the game - this is the best estimation of our work during the last 11 months of the project.

This game is as a child for us. We really want to see its first confident steps in the life, it's so hard to work on a long-term project psychologically and to worry about the result of your work all the time.

Many people reproach us that such a complex game could not be chosen as the first project in the career of the team. But we did not look for simple ways, we did not want to drown in hundreds of thousands of the mach-3 type of games or make copies of the successful casual projects. We wanted to do something new - a game in which I would like to play on the my phone all the time!

In addition, not everyone can afford a good computer or laptop for playing cool games now. But even for those who have such gadgets, the wild pace of modern life doesn’t allow to spend a lot of time by playing the computer games. A mobile gadget is always at hand, it is much more accessible in all senses. There was a free 20-30 minutes - why not to spend it by playing in your favorite game.

It was a philosophical deviation about the painful things and now let's familiarize you with the updates in our game:

  • updated the balance of equipment items - especially armor and weapons. Something was strengthened, but something nerfed;
  • updated the recipes of construction;
  • visualized the demonstration of the taking damage by the enemy and the main character - you will see how many XP is inflicted to the enemy and how much it hurts you;
  • visualized the low levels of basic indicators of the main character - now, if it dies because of hunger or thirst, the required pointer will pulsate;
  • made automatic closing of the window of chests or bags with the prey, if the main character took everything from there;
  • added the motion to the quest dialogues;
  • changed the voice over of the game - added a lot of the new sounds, changed some of the old ones;
  • corrected the models of houses;
  • added the motion to the roulette - after the spin you will definitely see that you won from the chest;
  • updated the interface of the roulette of chests;
  • facilitated the mobile client - some functions are transferred to the back-end.

Also we caught and corrected a few bugs and so, work on trifles. We are constantly working on the developing and improving the game, but we need more feedback about its testing (to our mail info.craftdevelop@gmail.com). If you do not test yet - join and invite your friends! Here is the link to access the game goo.gl/HSBqsr