Open beta testing - the final straight to the release! Article

STAY ALIVE 2018-06-09 1366

Hello to everyone who follows the creation of our adventure survival-sandbox game Stay Alive: Survival and Adventures!
We have good news - we moved the game to open testing on Google. To join - click the link.

This is an especially joyful moment for us. Behind we had 10 heavy months of the development. It was really difficult - we didn’t know a lot of features, almost all tried to do it for the first time, all of us learned from our mistakes, completely redesigned the project, facilitated and changed the models, corrected an imperfection of the animation and much more.

We often communicated with people engaged in gamedev, and from most of them received a positive feedback and valuable advices. We are especially grateful for this.

Now we are confidently moving forward. The work is not finished. We have much things to be done: add new features, introduce new locations and other content into the game.

It is very important for us to receive a feedback from YOU - people who like games. We take into account your wishes,remarks and advices about the bugs in the game.

Further - we renew the work with potential publishers. We are looking for people who will penetrate with our idea, our game and believe in it the way we believe! But that is another story...

Download the game to your phones via the link and help us make it even better!

Your feedbacks, comments about bugs or mistakes, advices and wishes you can send to the e-mail
We present gifts in the game for the feedbacks!