Beginning of the closed testing of the game with subscribers. Start of the Early Access Google. Article

STAY ALIVE 2018-05-30 1139

Quite soon our team will send out letters to everyone who registered for the closed testing Stay Alive with link to downloading the project for testing.

The project is not ready for release yet and it will be possible to test the only basic mechanics of the game, but we need your help right now - maybe we are missing something, maybe something is not working as it should, and in general, we want to hear your opinions. Who haven’t signed up by this time - that’s the registration link >>> Invite your friends and help us make a great game!


In the past two months, we have worked hard on the recast of the architecture of our game, with what it was necessary to rewrite most part of the code. Almost 70% of the code we threw out, what was a stress for us because it’s a 5 months of our work. As a result, the game was transformed, we optimized fps, it became easier to work with bugs and fix them.

Running now closed testing, we will catch and edit the bugs, at the same time we will bring the project to readiness for release in Early Access Google Play. The whole team work hard with maximum effort. Still we have a lot of work, because the game should be almost completed in a month later. Yes, early access gives us the right to further development, but still in open testing we need to go out with your high held head .

In a month our game should be transformed. We will add one of the main components of the game - the plot and story quests, because our original idea was to diversify the single-type gameplay of the sandbox, the plot line - to give the player a goal in the game, but not to force him to go through the plot line. This is at the discretion of everyone - some can just survive and craft, others may get pleasure of passing our tasks.

In addition, the game will have feature - mini-games, with which every player can earn free cool staff and diversify their sessions in the game. We will balance the game by using your help, add new locations and animals, diversify daily quests, add premium weapons and possibly will add into the game assistants - friendly animals that will be true friends of your character in the game.

In the further development plans - to add a cooperative mod, when you will be able to play the game together with your friends. In the plans are also a revision of the construction in the game ... but this is another story, a story after Early Access. And all these changes in the game will be seen by those who registered for closed testing, with each update the game will change and improve until the release.

What’s about the release of Early Access Google, why we decided to publish the game there and without a publisher? The only reason is to get the initial statistics of the game, which will help us to manage our monetization system and show these indicators to our partners. Google introduced this opportunity for indie developers who can not afford to spend Soft Launch, investing at least 20-30k US dollars in the marketing of the first release. It's also a great opportunity to get a lot of feedback from real players for free.

Another interesting fact about Early Access is the possibility to ask Google for the featuring of the game in the early access section, and if we are lucky, a very large audience of players will be able to recognize us, which will be a huge plus in negotiations with publishers, or maybe we'll decide to move on without them ... Just wish us patience and good luck! We work and believe that we will be successful.