How to find a publisher for the game - our experience. New architecture. Article

STAY ALIVE 2018-03-30 1004

Hello everybody! We finished our last devblog on preparing for DevGamm Kiev. We did all in time and went to the conference with more confidence - for the time since the first event, we completed and corrected a lot. And this time there were less remarks. People liked our game, they flattered about it and our stand never was empty.

Our team participated in Speed Game Dating - this is a quick acquaintance with publishers, where at your disposition there are only 5 minutes to present the game for a potential publisher. There we found a lot of useful acquaintances, and started negotiations with the representatives of the two companies right at the exhibition.

I will not talk much about the conference - there is enough information about it. I will say simply - we made many valuable acquaintances and also received a lot of positive emotions, which inspired us for further development.

During the preparation for DevGamm we realized one unpleasant thing - our project destroyed on our eyes. The more bugs and critical errors we found and corrected, the more they appeared. An additional problem was not very good index of fps. The reason of everything was our inexperience. Stay Alive is our first project and none of us have previously participated in the game development. We wrote the code as we could, and the whole project slowly Transformed into a huge tangle of threads - if you pull it for one end - others threads will pull up behind it.

This situation required a cardinal solution - to redesign the architecture of the project, and it also dragged along rewriting most part of the code. Plus for everything, our programmer Misha unexpectedly left us - he decided to change the devgam on scientific work. Because of this in the team formed a hole.

Misha didn’t warn us in advance about leaving and we practically worked with one coder for a month while I was looking for another. You will not believe, but we were lucky! Accidentally on the site for searching staff, I found an interesting resume. We immediately met with the applicant, agreed and ‘voila’! We have a new member of the family - Taras. He is a very responsible, compulsory person and a talented programmer. Welcome!

We adviced with the whole team, we decided to structure and organize the work properly, because we don’t want to make the same mistakes again. We chose Scrum and the work accelerated. And in order not to waste time, after listening to experienced people in the devgam, we decided to start looking for potential publishers. Because the build of the game still was from the conference, although the old one, but playable and almost without the bugs.

I read a lot of information about this, I looked for contacts of publishers, reviewed hundreds of websites and compiled a list of those whose audience is most suitable for our game. This is very important, because if the studio released only Match 3 before, then its main audience is women from 30 to 50 years old. And such audience exactly willn’t play our game.

As next step we made a pitch - a very important document. It should make the first impression on a potential publisher, interest him and push him into contact with you. Only after that, the publisher will ask you for a working build of the game. Here you can see ours, maybe it will be useful. What is also important is the letter you are sending. In order to drawing up the letter I read this article and it was very useful.

Discussing and planning a new architecture, we came up with a lot of valuable ideas - features that made the game more hardcore and original. It’s true that we needed people and resources for this, so we decided to ask the potential publisher for an advance to complete the work. Probably this is played a cruel joke with us. The days when indie developers were showered with bags of money are passed. Now they are very skeptical about this and in most cases they consider the game after the soft launch.

So, briefly about the results of the mailing. Reacted (requested build) 6 of 16. Subsequently we were mailang and conducted skype negotiations with all publishers. Publishers liked the game, but there were some remarks. Very pleasant were the flattering reviews about our team.

The problem we had was one - they do not want to give money =). Of the six publishers - three fairly well-known (one from the CIS, two - from Europe). In addition to money, they were scared away by the dampness of the project, the build was old and with bugs. And no one wanted to finish reading the pitch or simply did not believe in our plans, which we described there.

After discussing the results of the trial pitching and talking with our co-founder - the main investor, we decided to put all negotiations on hold and continue them after Early Access on Google Play.

Now the work is boiling, soon there will be closed testing with people who registered to it through our forms. We collect the first feedbacks, quickly completing and hello open testing. By the way, you can register and take part in the testing here.

In the future plans - a cooperative mode, processing of construction and much more. But about this you can read in the next issue! Invite your friends to our blog.

Wait for the news from us! Good luck to all of us)