Soon... Registration to closed testing. Article

STAY ALIVE 2017-12-04 845

Hello! We have not been in touch for a long time and for this was an important reason - the routine and hard work on our project. Programming and correction of critical errors, search for performers, development of the scenario of game's roller, work on arts and promo material. All this takes a lot of time and requires a huge expenditure of strength and nerves. But we are confidently moving to the desired finish of all our efforts, to the release of the project.

Talking with people who have long been engaged in gamedev, we decided to participate in a big conference that will be in Kiev on 9-10 December - Games Gathering 2017. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to make worthy build of our game to the previous event.

Below you can see our presentation, which we prepared for the adjudicator of competition. There's a lot of interesting ...

So, what we have at the moment - 3 locations from 8 initial, the main hero and his enemies, almost all representatives of the fauna of the island. As promised, all animals attack you as a foreign body, so don’t expect to the easy walks. Also established a system of crafting and resources. All this we will show at the conference, where we received the stand as indie-developers.

Now we are work hard to fix bugs, balancing games and construction of the rest locations so that everything strictly corresponds to our scenario and story. We add female main character, so when you run the game at the first time, you will be able to choose whom you will save on the Island.

P.S.: Almost didn’t forget about the main thing - in the next post we will launch registration of all comers for the CLOSED Alpha-testing of our game. We look forward to hearing your opinions and remarks. For testing we take the first 300 people from FB. If it’s interesting for you - follow the information.

P.P.S. One more information. We are finishing work of the first promo video of the games and in the next edition we will necessarily show them.