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STAY ALIVE 2017-10-24 1057

It was written and said a lot about the proper selection of IT specialists, but we will repeat once again - in our case, it is the staff means a lot! Because without a good (even a small) team it is almost impossible to make a great game, even with a cool idea and all the necessary equipment. Imagine that you are a good programmer, it's unlikely possible for you to do the cool interior design yourself, or draw everything you need for the models, we even don’t speak about the modeling and animation itself. So, even if you are a good designer, it's unlikely to learn programming rather quickly.

Somehow later we'll speak about life of our team and now we’ll tell about selecting the staff for the team, in our case, with a very limited budget.

At the very beginning of the development of the project "Stay Alive" there were 5 people, they are: Dmitry - he is a game designer and main developer of the technical part of the project, Elena is our designer and part-time graphic artist. Misha - the main programmer, Sasha is our system administrator, project supporter, and I (Vladimir) am the project manager, copywriter, SMM-boxer, marketer. We worked together in one interesting project. The customers were sports coaches from the Czech Republic. The project was almost finished, but then, the owners suddenly changed their minds ... The team turned out to be young and full of hopes, so we together with our inspirer and investor decided to try ourselves in Gamedev.

Choosing the theme of the game, making its concept (we have told about this in previous articles of our blog), we started to work. We understood that the future game is complicated, and we will not be able to do it on our own, so we started looking for people. This is really difficult! It turned out to be so difficult to find smart, powerful and inexpensive specialists for the project in our town.

That who has somehow shown himself, has already moved to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv. Those people who gave us their CVs and made technical project considered themselves to be very good, but frankly speaking we just were loosing our faith while looking at this. Especially 3D modelers. For example – one man, instead of doing our technical project (to make a simple person's mesh for example and understanding the candidate's skill), presented us his work - doors and sofas! Carl's doors!

After such a trash, we decided to look for a modeler at outsourcing. We were watching through a lot of works of different participants, but their requests for payment were very high - it might kill the whole project.We found a company from Kharkiv, they really enjoyed our future game. So we agreed the price, asked for a discount (we mentioned their name and logo in the game, also we gave access to closed testing, for a 25% discount). But unfortunately they have found a larger project, so they apologized and left us. But they have advised us their friend. But this one wasn’t suitable for us -he did just meshes without any animation.

So, sorting out the candidates on the recruiting site, we found the most suitable candidate - the perfect price-quality correspondence - Andrey from Nikolayev (there is no photo, he is very shy). It is not easy to working with him, we are out of schedule, but his work suits us perfectly.

Together with the modeler, we were looking for an artist (a painter) who would make sketches of our mobs into the game. Looking among our local – was useless, so we decided to return to outsource again. It was already easier. We signed a contract with an artist from Kyiv very quickly. Her name is Anna (we have already acquainted you with her works in previous articles). Her works are really nice.

Having discussed the idea with a modeler and the artist, we decided not to take a 2D artist – it is very expensive. So, that's what we have got as a result of our cooperation:

The work was being in a process. But we understood that it was too slowly. We needed some more strength in programming direction.

After having some experience in searching the candidates, we made a decision - to look for a young talent who has not yet shown himself and didn’t leave our town. In our town there is a very powerful Cybernetic- Mathematical Institute and at the National University. So we decided to search there. That’s how the last of its members Stas - a fourth-year student, joined to our team. He joined the team easily cause almost all (except me =) ) team members are nearly 22 years old. All in all the team is friendly and working hard!

In our next issues, we will a little bit introduce you our game, and that work that we have already done. Follow our social networks!