How to choose the correct visual style for a mobile game. Our method. Article

STAY ALIVE 2017-10-19 1288

The choice of visual style - is a very important moment in a development of the game. It determines the future audience (users) of your game. It is important how will it be visually perceived by players and the general mood in the game.

This process has started when we started searching in the Asset Store for the inspiration and probably, some ready- made 3D models. We won’t lie and tell you, that all the models we make ourselves. After reading a lot of articles, having consulted with some professionals in this area, we decided that, for saving some money, we will do purchase on asset stories.

Maybe someone will say that "the usage of ready- made models is not right, you need to do everything individually and on your own", but let me object - we are a small studio and we have rather limited resources. Buying some necessary for the game, assets - is a great saving of money and time. The main point is that in our young team there were no artist, 3D modeler and animator. We still had to find them, and prices for their work at outsourcing are not very cheap, especially if they are experienced and skillful. That is why we started to search inspiration and quality models at other sources.

We looked through lots of models, some are good and others are not very good. Having seen that some are not very good - we decided that we will not do that. First of all collectively, we decided that the style of the game will be less polygonal - to optimize the load on the phones hardware and with the most realistic textures. Having decided, we actively began to look for models suitable for our concept. It took us about three days to look through thousands of models on three - web sites. We added several to the list of suitable, but something was wrong, there was no that specific highlight and everything seemed to be very gloomily. Even we didn`t like it.

And then a miracle happened….! One of our team has occasionally got a work of the 3D modeler from Cuba. We really liked the hog that he had performed:

After showing to everyone, we unanimously decided to do everything in this style! And we continued searching for surrounded models of this animal. At least we have found! We think that we are very lucky - we have found almost everything we needed from the vegetation of our island in the assets of two modelers on a Unity store.

Here are some examples of locations on the island, created with the help of that assets:

All in all, what have we bought: the elements of the environment and some animals. That is all. It may seem that this is almost a half of everything - you are mistaken. And we understood that. It was necessary to develop and model all buildings, caves, weapons, objects, crafting machines, etc. The main thing - people are game creatures, that also need to be animated - this is the main hero with a mass of clothes and armor, these are the varieties of the island's aborigines, they were needed according to the conception that was made up. In addition, it was necessary to create some more representatives of the fauna in the island, but we did not find them all in the disputes.


In our case it was very important for the items we have bought and our author's models corresponded to one style. That is why we had to do a difficult job and find experts to finish all the work and provide our game with all the necessary models. But this is another story which we are going to tell you in the fourth part of our blog. See you soon!