Choosing ideas for mobile games or creative torment. Article

STAY ALIVE 2017-10-13 921

The choice of ideas and genre for the game -is a very important think, which determines the further work of the team, and the success of the project as the whole one.

At the beginning, we thought to start with a simple game - to clone something, taking into account the negative opinions of some gamers. But with this idea was bad from the very beginning, as we have read a lot of articles of experienced people, some reviews on serious resources, we realized that we will simply” drown” in thousands of clones and low-quality games that are produced every day. We really did not want to become the next “indie “ who dreams of earning a million getting into the game so many ads, that you do not understand what is going on in this game and what is it about.

o start with , it should be noted that the idea, the concept and all the important changes in the game we solute collectively. It's good for the project (fresh ideas, discussions, refuting of false thoughts), but it's difficult to make decisions - a lot of controversies if someone is totally against it. But later, remembering our discussions, we can laugh with ourselves.

As it was mentioned in the first issue of our blog, we have had a few ideas for our first game. Each of the team members had to present their idea on a general discussion. The ideas for the computer games, we rejected immediately, because of a lack of money to develop this . Although we really wanted and had one good idea, but to do a low-quality project and destroy the idea with a bad ​​quality is wrong. We decided to chose the game for mobile platforms.

To develop a mobile game, there are several ideas, such as, for example: about Vikings (the idea was inspired after watching the well-known TV-series), but it was given up - there are many similar projects, space--- the majority was against , the puzzle - it is trivial. After all, in discussions, choosing the ideas, we have chosen one, that everyone liked - the Robinson plot. We decided to unite two genres of games: surviving and adventures with quests.

So, the idea was chosen, it was high time to draw up a concept .... And then our creative torments began.

Everybody was excruciated! Lots of people read articles about the tropical islands, their flora and fauna, the climate in the Internet. At the same time, we studied technologies that were opened for the time of the actions in our game . It was made in order to make the game as realistic as possible, without fantasy and fantastic. We changed the concept for several times. One of our programmers has almost lost his faith in this project, but changed his mind.

The two main obstacles in drawing up the concept are : the location of our island, and the choice of the century in which all the actions of the game will take their place. From the very beginning it was a tropical island of the 17th century. But after analyzing the information, have got some difficulties:

  • a monotonous and unfamiliar fauna and flora on the tropical islands;
  • very poor and limited choice of weapons and technologies for our hero while crafting.

That is why we have removed our island to the north and changed the XVII century for the middle of XIX. To the weapons it was added the opportunity to expand the choice and added the possibility of crafting with more firearms. The removing of the island a little to the north , made it possible to add more familiar animals and plants to the fauna. Moreover there are more obvious climate changes that can affect our hero.

After the approval of this base, we continued to develop the concept. Next, we'll tell about further work over the concept and, of course, about the style of the game, we have chosen. Follow us, later you`ll get more!